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Welcome, friends! You made an outstanding choice to join the HyperLearning Course!

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In our private forum, we are developing a wealth of information, experience, and creative community resources to continually grow your HyperLearning Practices. And remember, it’s all about keeping things SIMPLE. Everything is at your fingertips in this members-only forum. It’s not “fancy” on purpose. The idea is to get you in so you can access the information, resources, and connect with the community as quickly and easily a possible.

We have placed our Group on Facebook so that no matter what you are checking FB for, any Group updates, likes, or comments will appear in your menu, readily available for you to check out and engage with!


Here’s an overview…

THE TOPICS: All of the HyperLearning chapters are unfolding for you over the 12 weeks of the Course. In the forum you may create new topics, and share in the discussions that are already begun. Any audio and video posted will work on all devices!

THE EMAILS: Every 3-5 Days you will receive a fresh email from me, David Rainoshek, with a preview of your next section on the HyperLearning Course. After you have reviewed the email and have begun to review and use the new section, please join us in The HyperLearning Forum to discuss your experience, questions, and insights.

CONNECTIONS: Because we are hosting our Group on Facebook, you can easily reach out to anyone doing the course, and share course experiences. You will undoubtedly be making connections that will deeply benefit your evolutionary growth and development in the course and beyond. That being said, do treat others (participants and staff members) with kindness and respect – abusive and aggressive behavior is not welcome inside the HyperLearning community and is a means for having your membership revoked.

REGULAR UPDATES: You will be kept apprised of new updates, including announcements about the latest content: interviews, articles, book reviews and recommendations, and more.

THE COMMUNITY: Use our private forums 24/7. The only rule we have is that you are supportive. No spamming. Please use mindful speech. And try to keep things positive.  Keep the highest level of confidentiality regarding other people’s personal stories and shares (unless permission is explicitly given by the author to do otherwise). Each person’s words are his or her own. This includes our private student Facebook group. Otherwise, connect and enjoy!

SELF-PROMOTION and EVENT/GROUP PROMOTION: We are here to help and support each other. Only post only links and content that are relevant to the context of this group – Inappropriate content, links or images will be deleted. Please do not advertise.

MAKE A POST: Just update your status in the forums, and post it!

CONTENT REQUESTS: The HyperLearning Course and the HyperLearning Crucible are here for YOU! Tell us what kind of content you’d like to see more of, and I will explore it as a new posting for everyone’s benefit!

SUPPORT DESK: Our support team can be reached at That is where to go if you have an issue with your account or need anything related to Course access. It’s NOT the place to answer specific questions about HyperLearning as a Life Practice – that’s what the HyperLearning Forums are designed for.

I am so pleased you are here to learn, share, grow, and co-create with all of us!


Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek, M.A.


P.S. Introduce Yourself to the Community!

You are welcome to introduce yourself to the HyperLearning community in the forums with a new post!

Let us know:

+ Where you are from!

+ What is your experience with lifelong learning and HyperLearning? In what domains?

+ What do you enjoy reading? Who are your most cherished leaders or examples of lifelong learning?

+ Where are you looking to improve in your own learning and HyperLearning?

+ What would you like to see or hear in The Crucible Forum?

Again, Welcome!!! See you in the Forum!