Welcome to HyperLearning! I am so very pleased you are here. The world needs more people like you.

True learning over a lifetime requires great courage. Through learning, we are opened up to new points of view, new possibilities, and these challenge us to adapt, grow, let go, realize greater potentials in ourselves and others, and in short, to live more skillfully and abundantly.

This Course is for people who want to access and learn a lot with discernment and skill, flexibility and growth, drive and purpose, love and compassion. Or you want to want to learn in such ways, and are looking for your mind to be lit on fire.

“A Revolutionary Approach to Learning in the Integral Age” is HyperLearning’s subtitle. Why “Integral?”

Our access and exposure to all the world’s cultures, perspectives, economies, wisdom traditions, technologies, experiences, hopes, choices, desires, and ways of being is unprecedented, and accelerating. The times call for us to be more aware, informed, passionate, compassionate, understanding, flexible, creative, and ever-evolving in our integration of, well, everything. To not do so is to be more partial in our viewpoints and abilities than our incredibly varied life circumstances – individually and collectively – now require of us.

Never before in history has a human being been compelled to take into account so much. Even the best of us are inclined to feel overwhelmed by the tasks before us in the Integral Age.  HyperLearning is about turning our apprehensions, overwhelm, and deficiencies into fascination, drive, and cutting-edge capabilities; it is about switching on our native urge for continued growth and evolutionary development as an Act of Love.

HyperLearning is a topic whose individual parts can be better understood once the overall topic is grasped, and thus this is a book that will benefit from a second or third reading.

What you are about to access is the product the last 30 years of my own learning and development of HyperLearning; behind that, lifetimes of trial and success, insights, and highly developed and innovative practices that can help anyone to access and cultivate their innate ability not just to learn, but HyperLearn.


Stay Sharp,


David Rainoshek, M.A.


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