Welcome to the HyperLearning Course!!!

Welcome to HyperLearning: A Revolutionary Approach to Learning in the Integral Age!

I am your host, David Rainoshek, the author and creator of the HyperLearning Course. Thank you so much for purchasing this course and joining myself and the HyperLearning community.

HyperLearning is the signature piece of RevolutionaryWebinars.com which is a site I created in 2012 to present the very best cutting edge research, courses and materials that have come to me over the years on critical topics that develop and drive our lives:

HyperLearning is a great passion of mine. This Course is based on over 30 years of my own experience of learning about learning, in many cases, from some of the preeminent genius minds throughout human history.

What you will find here is not just a course on learning faster, or even better, but how to cultivate the deepest drives and meanings behind the learning that set your mind, heart, and soul on fire.

Your purpose, ability, and depth of learning is about to leap beyond almost everyone who has ever lived.

And given that we live in a global, Integral Age – which I will discuss in the Course – HyperLearning has fortuitously come to you at the perfect moment. Congratulations.

I have recorded the HyperLearning Audio Course for YOU. The Coursebook as a whole is around 400 pages (when all printed together) and while it is designed for you to be able to dip in, section-by-section, to encounter all the information and insights about HyperLearning in a multimedia fashion, I wanted you to be able to hear the Course as well, with the benefit of my commentary and off-the-page insights about the Course itself.

It is such an honor to present HyperLearning to YOU in this fashion. I am so pleased that you are investing the time to engage in HyperLearning at this level.

Stay Sharp,


David Rainoshek, M.A.



P.S. You can begin to discuss the Course right away with other members in The Crucible Forums! See you inside!

Welcome to HyperLearning!

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Welcome to HyperLearning