Cover Art Commentary

A Brief Comment About the Cover of HyperLearning

I sought out the graphic – the image – for the cover of this book for many, many months before I came upon this beautiful artwork by artist Cameron Gray. He has done an amazing job of designing this piece of art, “The Neverending Dreamer,” that I chose for the cover. The reason that I chose this piece is because it exemplifies what I feel we are called to do in the Integral Age where everything is now available to us.

You see on the cover image the person is sitting in a meditative posture, contemplating many different elements of reality, and holding all of them in a very compassionate, open-hearted way, with his mind in an evolutionary repose.

You can see the tree growing up out of the mind, which to me emphasizes not only holding these pieces of information, these insights and ways of being – but actually growing with them, evolving to new levels of being and knowing as the Kosmos is spinning around and filtering through and coming alive in the person on the cover.

So immense thanks to Cameron Gray for his beautiful artwork on the cover. I encourage you to visit his website, to consider and contemplate all of his beautiful artwork.

Coming up next, Acceleration Begins NOW! How to start HyperLearning right away!

Stay Sharp,


David Rainoshek, M.A.

Cover Art Commentary

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Cover Art Commentary