The Online Course!

Thus the brave and aspiring life of one man lights a flame in the minds of others of like faculties and impulse; and where there is equally vigorous effort, like distinction and success will almost surely follow.

Thus the chain of example is carried down through time in an endless succession of links—admiration exciting imitation, and perpetuating the true aristocracy of genius.

Samuel Smiles, Self-Help


==> HyperLearning Course Welcome

==> Cover Art Commentary

==> Acceleration Begins NOW: HyperLearn Right Away by Doing This

==> Acknowledgements

==> Preface

==> Benefits Preview of HyperLearning

==> Chapter 1: Introduction to HyperLearning: How to Revive Your Natural Ability/Drive to HyperLearn

Children: Natural HyperLearners by Design / Necessity
Four Stages of Learning
Our Modern World: The Ever More Full and Complex Call to the Hero’s Journey

==> Chapter 2: Five-Minute University: The Elements for HyperLearning

==> Chapter 3: A Magnificent Obsession

The Autotelic Self: Where Discipline Ends and Passion Begins
Keys to Success
The Epicenter of HyperLearning Success: A Magnificent Obsession

==> Chapter 4: Multidimensional Goals and Ways of Being

Stage 1: Technologically Superior Goals
Stage 2: Multidimensional Goals
Stage 3: Multidimensional Ways of Being
Final Words on Multidimensional Goals and Ways of Being

==> Chapter 5.1: A Map for HyperLearning Better: Integral Thinking

Ken Wilber and Integral Thinking
Organization and Understanding
To See New Territory for Discovery and Growth

What is Integral?

The Integral Operating System
An Integral or Comprehensive Map
What is the Integral Operating System?
States and Stages of Consciousness
Stages or Levels of Development
A Simple Example

==> Chapter 5.2: Integral Thinking, Continued

The Psychograph
What Type?
Many Bodies
How it All Fits Together: The Four Quadrants

==> Chapter 5.3: Integral Applications

Summary and Conclusion

Resources for Cultivating an Integral Perspective for HyperLearning
A Theory of Everything
A Brief History of Everything
Kosmic Consciousness
with Ken Wilber

Final Words

==> Chapter 6: FLOW: The HyperLearning State of Optimal Experience

The Key Elements of Flow

How to Flow

Flow State Technologies
Binaural Beat Technologies

==> Chapter 7: Print: Read Better than Anyone with PhotoReading and SpeedReading

Reading: Loved, Ruined, Recaptured, Upgraded

HyperReading:  Using Your Whole Brilliant Mind

The Marriage of PhotoReading and Speed Reading: Using Modern Technology
Reading on Your Computer (Get Acrobat Reader)
Reading on E-Readers (e-Ink and Ipad)

==> Chapter 8: Accelerate your Media Speed Like Neo in The Matrix

Video: Watch Videos in Less Time
For online video (such as YouTube)
For videos on your own computer hard drive
Apple/Mac Users
PC/Windows Users

Audio: Listen at Twice Speed (or More)
Apple/Mac Users
PC/Windows Users
Ipod Touch Users

==> Chapter 9.1: Reduction and Organization

Reducing Extraneous $#!@

Paperwork: Reduce and Organize
Reduce: Recycle
Get a Scanner
Organize: Computer Folders and Files
Evernote Online


Regular Mail
Go Paperless
Reduce Your Junk Mail
Take Magazines Electronically
Catalogs are Old-School: Go Online

Television Programming (Cancel the TeeVee)
Going TV-Free
Active and Passive Harm of Television
Books on TeeVee Programming

==> Chapter 9.2: Cultivating Transformative Relationships (Professional and Personal)

Your Relationships: Translative, Transformative, Both?
Napoleon Hill on Creating a MasterMind Alliance

Reduction: Let Go of Limiting Relationships into Freedom and New

Possibility with Honoring and Releasing Practices
The Practice – Ideas, Objects, Old Ways of Being
The Practice – Relationships

Feeling Broken? Shine On…

A HyperLearning Relationship Poem: “As I Lay With my Head in Your Lap Camerado” by Walt Whitman

==> Chapter 10: HyperOrganize Your Interests and Passions

HyperCognizant, Not HyperMemorization
How David Rainoshek HyperOrganizes His Interests and Passions
File Master: My Secret Tool for You to Use
Storage and Backing Everything Up
Final Words on HyperOrganizing Your Interests and Passions

==> Chapter 11.1: Nutrition for HyperLearning

Water: Morning Water with ½ Lemon

Eat Whole Foods

Integrate MicroAlgaes
Klamath Lake Crystals

Try Green Smoothies

==> Chapter 11.2: Nutrition for HyperLearning

Active Vitamin B-12

Cacao (Chocolate)
Nutritional Highlights
Cacao D’Arco Rain

Short Term Memory
Long Term Memory
Physical Health Effects
Skillful Use of Coffee

Green Tea

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs)

Ginkgo Biloba

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

==> Chapter 11.3: Nutrition for HyperLearning

Vitamin D: The Sunshine and Happiness Nutrient
How to Supplement with Vitamin D

Coconut Oil and Brain Neuron Renewal
Alternate Brain Food Can Stop Brain Atrophy in its Tracks
MCTs and Alzheimer’s Research
Final Thoughts on Combating Alzheimer’s with Coconut Oil
Books on Coconuts

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: Master Brain Protector and Energizer
Acetyl-L-Carnitine Slows Brain Aging
More Ways Acetyl-L-Carnitine Protects the Brain
Acetyl-L-Carnitine Benefits the Entire Body
Common Questions Asked About Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

Nutrition for HyperLearning: Conclusion (Audio)

==> Chapter 12.1: Complementary Life Practices

Exercise and Mental/Emotional State
What is This Body Doing, and What Can I Do About It?

Walking: for Mindfulness, Exercise, Enjoyment, and Creativity
Walking for Exercise
The Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Strength Training: Isometrics in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Yoga: Mind/Body/Spirit Integration
Important Articles on Yoga
Yoga Videos to Get You Started and Keep You Going

==> Chapter 12.2: Complementary Life Practices

Juice Feasting
What is Juice Feasting?
The Secret of Juice Feasting CD Course

Deep Sleep
Sleep, Mental Performance, and Learning
Sleep Can be Divided Into Five Distinct Stages
Non-REM and REM Sleep
The Optimum Sleep Environment
What About PowerNapping?
Sleep Technologies
Sleep Articles of Note

Remember to Turn off the Mass Programming Box
Going TV-Free

==> Chapter 12.3: Complementary Life Practices

Meditation: More Perspectives on the Practice
How to Cultivate a Daily Meditation Practice
Meditation Technologies
Meditation Resources

Big Mind/Big Heart Practice

Radical Gratitude
Deserving and Gratitude
The Plenitude of Spirit
Divine Pride
Acknowledging the Plenitude of Spirit and the Source and Ground of Divine Pride
Multidimensional Gratitude Lists

Forgiveness: Healthy Self-Love
Practices for Forgiveness
Practices for Self-Inquiry

==> Chapter 13: Bonus Inspiration: The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

The 80/20 Principle

Parkinson’s Law

The Four Hour Work-Week Synopsis

==> Chapter 14.1: Materials to Keep You Inspired

Films & Books

==> Chapter 14.2: More Materials to Keep You Inspired

HyperLearning Gear

==> Afterword: HyperLearning: A Mystic’s Perspective

A Limitless Context for HyperLearning
Two Varieties of Self-Transcendence: Temporary States & Permanent Stages
Self-Transcendence As a Temporary Peak State Experience
Self-Transcendence As a Permanent Trait Acquisition
Kosmocentric, Personal and Transpersonal Poetry Selections from “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman in Leaves of Grass
Final Words of Gratitude to YOU

==> About the Author, David Rainoshek, M.A.