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Five-Minute University:
The Elements of HyperLearning

This is the Five-Minute University section of HyperLearning.

If you ever watched the comedian Father Guido Sarducci, his Five Minute University sketch was based on what the average college graduate would remember 5 years after graduation.


This is a deep features overview to pre-load prior to reading the rest of the book. This Five Minute University section will prime your mind to the exciting territory of HyperLearning that we will cover in detail throughout the book.

So here we go: this is your Five Minute University Overview on The Elements of HyperLearning.

We were born as HyperLearners, as necessitated by the immense growth required of children to become adults, and as evidenced by the measured brainwave states of children that are, effectively, Flow States (challenged to our limits, but loving it).

Our educational systems, our upbringing, adult responsibilities, and numerous life experiences and circumstances have – to a greater or lesser degree – reduced our time, abilities, and drive to learn.

And yet, we are doing our best. Many of us recognize the demands the Internet and Integral Age is now placing on us to stay current, to take on more perspectives, to be more aware.

The amount of information and technological connectivity has also opened up new possibilities and passions for us.

We want to cultivate a greater, never-ending passion – a magnificent obsession that is autotelic, or self-generating – for learning, mutual understanding, and creating in more significant ways in our global society.

We see the possibility for turning personal goals into worldcentric goals and ways of being that are informed by and express care and concern for higher, wider, and deeper realities that include but transcend our own local needs, culture, and environment.

But how to access, filter, assimilate, organize, and creatively use an awareness of all the world’s cultures, perspectives, economies, wisdom traditions, technologies, experiences, hopes, choices, and ways of being?

The times call for us to be more aware, informed, passionate, compassionate, understanding, flexible, creative, and ever-evolving in our integration of, well, everything. To not do so is to be more partial in our viewpoints and abilities than our incredibly varied life circumstances – individually and collectively – now require of us.

We live in the Integral Age, and a map of the complex and fascinating interior and exterior territories now available to individuals would be very helpful in our endeavors – so we will bring in Integral mapmaker, philosopher Ken Wilber to help us orient to the vast world we want to HyperLearn and create in.

From this larger organizing series of perspectives, we will learn about HyperLearning Life Practices:

Flow: The HyperLearning State. Even a passionate, organized mind needs the context for learning and creativity – just as a sports car needs the right track for racing. We will learn what conditions we can create to induce a flow state – or HyperLearning state of mind –  which is when people report being their happiest in challenge and growth activities.

HyperReading. We will look at the intersection of your conscious and subconscious mind, as applied to accelerated reading speeds of 1,000 – 2,000 (or more) words per minute. Speed Reading and PhotoReading will be integrated to achieve HyperReading. Anyone can do it, and your awareness of what is available in writing (books or online) will expand exponentially. We will also access modern technology for greater reading opportunities.

Audio/Video: Watch and Listen Like Neo in The Matrix. People speak at 80-150 words a minute. You can listen and understand 600-800 words a minute. We are going to put easy technology to use to help you review online videos (such as YouTube, etc.) and audio at far greater speeds, saving you time and actually increasing your recall.

Reduction and Organization. Your HyperLearning mind will thrive in a cleaner, more organized environment. Reducing old stuff, paperwork, junk mail, catalogues, email, television programming and advertising, even relationships that do not serve your well-being or growth – will do wonders for HyperLearning. We will discuss dramatically skillful ways to reduce, reorganize, let go, and cultivate anew to serve your mind, space, and energy the very best in service to your magnificent obsessions and Unique Self Purposes.

HyperOrganize Your Interests and Passions. HyperLearning is not about memorization, but awareness – or being HyperCognizant. Your broadened awareness and greater access to everything will require excellent organization of the information and insights that are coming to you. We will use David Rainoshek’s File Master and filing practices on the computer to create a place for everything you encounter. And for peace of mind, you will learn how to use at home and online backups so that you can keep it all, and access what you are learning and organizing – from anywhere in the world.

Nutrition for HyperLearning. Your mind is the most highly organized thing on the planet. In order for its continued service to you, it needs to be fed highly complex and organized foods: Whole Foods.  We will investigate why it is time to move beyond processed industrialized foods into Whole Foods and Superfoods nutrition. Your HyperLearning Mind could also use a boost from certain supplements and Superfoods – we will consider the very best, from chlorella to cacao,  B-12 to Ginkgo Biloba,  coffee to coconut oil (for brain neuron removal!).

Exercise. Did you know that exercise benefits your brain? In fact, this may be the best reason ever to move. We will look at exercise and the mind, and access next-level exercise discoveries such as Isometric Strength Training, which you can do in 10 minutes a day at home with no equipment, cutting out gym time and expenses.

Deep Sleep.  Sleep is recovery time, and westerners are the Great Unslept. The more you learn, the more sleep you need for processing, assimilation, rest, and recovery. We will make this need for deep sleep – and how to get it (including using delta sleep audio tracks), abundantly clear.

Additional Life Practices. We will investigate the profound effects of integrating Meditation for accelerating growth and development (faster than any other practice known, actually);Big Mind Big Heart Practice by Zen Master Genpo Roshi for making sure your whole self is acknowledged and expressed; Radical Gratitude to maintain an open heart and mind for everything in the Kosmos as-it-is; and Forgiveness as Healthy Self-Love, first and foremost.

Bonus Inspiration: The Four Hour Work Week.  We will look at master life designer and life hacker Tim Ferriss’ book and why the 80/20 Principle and Parkinson’s Law, among other insightful practices, can help to further set alight your HyperLearning mind into a world of abundant, flowing, and effective creative self-expression.

Materials to Keep You Inspired. It helps to have archetypes – or examples – of HyperLearning. We will look at the top HyperLearning films, books, audio, courses, and online resources.

HyperLearning Gear. Let’s put modern technology to use for us in service to our development. I will present to you the best gear that I have found to help in our deepest HyperLearning endeavors.

HyperLearning: A Mystic’s Perspective.  What is all this in service to? What inspired HyperLearning for the author – and where is the next level of self-actualization beyond even HyperLearning itself? Just wait until the end of the book to find out – it will give even larger purpose to this course that you are now aware of.

That’s it! That is the Five Minute University Overview.

Let’s now look at creating some magnificent obsessions – the emotional and mental fire of a HyperLearning Mind.

See you in Chapter 3: A Magnificent Obsession!

Stay Sharp,


David Rainoshek, M.A.

Five Minute University

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