Chapter 14.2

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David Rainoshek, M.A.


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Audio, Courses and More!


Napoleon Hill Rare Recordings

This is an ASTOUNDING LECTURE SERIES, available FREE. These are recordings of Napoleon Hill as he personally promotes his philosophy of wealth and achievement, as written about in his famous books The Law of Success in 16 Lessons and Think and Grow Rich.



Kosmic Consciousness by Ken Wilber (10 CD Set)

Before the birth of the universe, there existed your “Original Face,” the limitless Self that has been present throughout the unfolding of inert matter into life-and that continues to dwell within us at every level of consciousness. Where is this grand evolution taking us-and how can you participate fully in it? On Kosmic Consciousness, Ken Wilber invites you to find out. In 10 fascinating sessions, he pursues the questions most relevant to today’s spiritual seeker. Join one of the most significant thinkers of our time as he shares a feast of ideas to inspire you in your personal evolution.


The Photo Reading Whole Mind Course by Paul Scheele at Learning Strategies

This is the classic course that forms part of the epicenter of HyperLearning. PhotoReading’s unique way to process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently—without speed reading—wins praise from people wanting to get on top of information. PhotoReading is pretty much essential training for developing your skills as a HyperLeaner.

The Genius Code by Paul Scheele at Learning Strategies

What if you could develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind?

Only the Mozarts, Einsteins, and da Vincis—a microscopic sliver of the population—seem to use their brainpower efficiently.

So stupendous do their talents appear to the rest of us, that we look upon such geniuses as divinely gifted beings endowed with what appear to be supernatural powers.

But are geniuses really so different? You would hardly think it by looking at their school records or job histories.

Dr. Win Wenger’s 30 years of study shows that genius is not a result of genetic superiority, but of a pattern of mental conditioning. Which means, genius is within your grasp.

What would it mean for you if you saw increases in your IQ, memory, learning capacity, mental quickness, intuition, and creativity?

We believe the possibilities are endless.

  • solve any problem
  • accelerate learning
  • recognize golden opportunities
  • supercharge your personal confidence

If you truly want to unleash the awesome power of your “genius brain” then take the tour of Genius Code today, because… You are brighter than you think.


Integral Life

The home of Ken Wilber and the online Integral community. Loads of talks, articles, interviews, videos, and fascinating conversations from an Integral perspective. Well worth the price of admission.

The Four Hour Work Week Blog

The official blog of Tim Ferris, with plenty of insightful, hip, cutting-edge blog posts and things to keep you at the edge of your evolutionary , post-conventional thinking about work and generating a meaningful, full life.

Learning Strategies with Paul Scheele

Learning Strategies Corporation in Minnesota is dedicated to creating well-designed courses you can do at home to increase your learning skills and genius mind. I have been enjoying their materials for years, particularly the PhotoReading course, the Genius Mind Course, and the Paraliminals. with David Wolfe

David Wolfe has spent the last 20 years teaching and travelling the world, educating people on the power of raw food, Superfoods, and longevity technologies. As a site member, you will have access to hundreds of cutting edge audio interviews and video health programs with David Wolfe and colleagues. If you are looking to get incredibly inspired about your health and the power of nutrition, this site is a true powerhouse. Years ago, while I (David Rainoshek) was doing my M.A. in nutrition, I reached a point of stagnation in my studies. David Wolfe’s BestDayEver site provided hundreds of hours of bottled lightning for one of my greatest passions: evolutionary nutrition and health. with the Health Ranger, Mike Adams

NaturalNews is one of the top sites online for natural health perspectives on a wide range of issues: political, agricultural, social, cultural, and personal. Mike Adams is a colleague and close friend, and has been consistently a strong and sound voice for improving human health for many years. Highly Recommended.

Websites by Author David Rainoshek, M.A.

HyperLearning Gear

You will not catch me with a free 15 minutes, in which I’m not studying something that I feel might be able to help the black man. Yesterday I spoke in London, and both ways on the plane across the Atlantic , I was studying. Every time I catch a plane, I have with me a book that I want to read, and that’s a lot of books these days… I could spend the rest of my life reading. Reading changed the course of my life forever. I didn’t go to college – my alma mater was books.

– Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X changed my life – I realized that I, too – like Malcolm X – had things I cared about, that I wanted to know about. I had a significant life to cultivate and live to its fullest for the benefit of others. The older I get, the less time you will see me wasting that “free 15 minutes” Malcolm X speaks about in the quote above. I am Autotelic (self-driven). I have Magnificent Obsessions and Multidimensional Goals and Ways of Being, and an inquiring mind. I want to use whatever technology I have at my disposal to deepen the consistency and quality of my HyperLearning. Here are some digital technologies I have found indispensible at this stage:

Headset with Microphone: Sennheiser PC360

This headset is fantastic.

I use it for listening to binaural beat tracks and music while writing and researching (to enhance a flow state and keep me energized/focused).

The earcups keep outside sounds out, which is good for focus, but also for listening to audio and video at twice speed or more, while hearing everything clearly.

The headset has a microphone boom on it, which records crystal clear, deep, full sound for recording audio of any kind (such as webinars and interviews).

The microphone boom is also useful for making Skype calls with family, friends, and colleagues… conversations are important to me, and everyone can be heard and can hear me perfectly.

Large Computer Monitor: 27” iMac by Apple

The Wall Street Journal reports on a recent study that asked whether more screen real estate gave workers the ability to do things faster and better. Workers were given either an 18-inch or 24-inch monitor, and the researchers found that:

People using the 24-inch screen completed the tasks 52% faster than people who used the 18-inch monitor; people who used the two 20-inch monitors were 44% faster than those with the 18-inch monitors.[1]

Most of my work is completed on a 27” iMac. For years I wrote and researched on laptops – which are great for mobility, but potentially suck when you are multitasking and HyperLearning on a project. At any given time while building, for example, I may have 15-30 tabs up on two internet browser windows, iTunes playing, Skype chats in progress, several Microsoft Word documents going as I research and make files, Photoshop lying in wait for editing and crunching graphics, and Adobe Acrobat Reader or Kindle Reader up with a book I am using for current writing and research.

If it sounds like Tom Cruise in the film Minority Report – it’s as close as I can come until better technology comes on line…

Having a large screen and significant memory to handle all the applications working at once is vital for keeping me in the flow of taking in, processing, and using information creatively and effectively. To the greatest extent possible, I don’t want technology to get in the way of my learning and creative process… I want technology to be in service to my life’s purpose. I have found an 27” iMac screen suits me well in my endeavors.

Finally, a large monitor – as opposed to a laptop – encourages you to sit up straight with far better posture.

Portable Audio: iPod Classic (160 GB)

Well, the days of CDs are over. If you still have CDs sitting around, burn them into your iTunes and give them to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Reduce your clutter. I am still dumbfounded by how much music and audio talks I can store and carry with me everywhere I go on an iPod. I use a 160 GB iPod Classic – which is the previous generation to the iPod Touch – but is cheaper and has FAR more storage space than the Touch.

I use my iPod every day for listening to music, fantastic audio interviews, courses, and podcasts wherever I am. It is great in the car, for travel, and for exercise. I hook it up to speakers and play music for our family to dance in the kitchen. At night, I use my ipod with small, comfortable earbuds to listen to Delta sleep tracks to fall into a deeper, more significant sleep pattern or for lucid dreaming. Because it rides in my daypack all the time, it goes to parties with me – and sometimes is taken out to play music. I can also bring it out to share music or an interview excerpt with colleagues on the fly.

Definitely get some earbuds for it once the stock Apple ones go bad. I am currently using Sony earbuds that I picked up quickly for $20. Bose makes some $100 buds that are excellent, as well.

eReader: Kindle

Kindle by is both a physical reader, and an application that you can put on any computer, or your iPad Tablet (which we will talk about next).

The physical Kindle eReader devices are small, durable, hold up to 3,000 books, and because they use a special e-ink, use very little power and are easy on your eyes for hours of continuous reading.

You can get a Kindle eReader that not only picks up any wifi signal for browsing for more books, but connects to any available cellular network for the same purpose – making it very, very likely that you can browse for and download new reading from just about anywhere with connectivity.

The entry price is also excellent – about $100 – $150 for a Kindle eReader. There are also tens of thousands of free eBooks to download from and other online services such as:

Project Gutenberg (33,000+ public domain books)

Open Library

Internet Archive


You do not need a physical Kindle eReader to take advantage of Amazon Kindle eBooks or the tens of thousands of free public domain books housed for downloading at the sites listed above. You can download a Kindle Reader Application to your desktop or laptop computer:

There is also a Kindle App for the iPad – which is what I use most often for reading, since it is always with me.

iPad Tablet

It took years for this technology to get good enough, but it is here. I can do a tremendous amount anywhere with this wireless device that hooks into wi-fi and the cell networks:

  • check email
  • browse the internet
  • practice speed reading with the Acceleread App
  • make Skype video calls
  • PhotoRead and SpeedRead books on the Kindle App
  • make notes
  • record interviews
  • listen to music
  • watch videos and movies
  • update my calendar
  • read books, files, and articles, and academic journals in Adobe .pdf format
  • look at the night sky (with the Luminos App) and learn the constellations
  • take photos

This last point is HUGE. As I said earlier in HyperLearning, I back up and sync all my computers to “the cloud” using SugarSync.

Day Pack: The North Face Surge

I researched every major daypack manufacturer over many hours to find this incredible pack. I wanted something relatively incognito that would durably hold up under carrying a laptop, iPad, iPod, books, stainless steel water bottles (see Kleen Kanteen), paper notebooks, snacks, etc. day to day, locally and internationally for several years.

This pack has enough space to pack all those things, plus a change of clothes. If I pack properly, I can travel for a week or a month out of this pack. Here are its specs:

  • 420D nylon, 1680D Ballistics
  • Backpack Dimensions: 20 inches x 13.5 inches x 9.5 inches
  • Laptop Dimensions: 15.75 inches x 11.25 inches x 2 inches
  • Top access zip dedicated laptop pocket with padding
  • Front side electronics organizer pocket
  • Side stretch-woven water bottle pockets
  • made by NorthFace, with a huge reputation for quality and design.

Again, I want my most pertinent stuff with me, easy to grab and go anywhere: libraries, meetings, coffee shops, buses, trains, planes, automobiles, hiking, you name it. I am really enjoying this pack… the best I have used yet.

Coming up next time: Afterword to HyperLearning: A Mystic’s Perspective!


Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek, M.A.

[1] “Do Large Monitors Make You More Productive?” Online:

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