Benefits Preview to HyperLearning

“I’ll let you in on a little secret, Tyler. The gold’s not in the ground. The gold’s not anywhere up here [Alaska]. The real gold is south of sixty. Sitting in living rooms. Stuck – facing the boob tube. Bored to death. Bored to death, Tyler. And how do you beat boredom, Tyler? Adventure. Adventure!

from Never Cry Wolf, the film


I love the opening scene of the film Never Cry Wolf, based on the book by Canadian author and adventurer Farley Mowat. It perfectly, hilariously, depicts the beginning of any Hero’s Journey – also known as the universal monomyth as described by mythologist Joseph Cambell in his classic book, The Hero With a Thousand Faces. The hero (in this case, Tyler) sets off from his normal life into a new, unknown world in search of knowledge and experience.  By Grand Design, the hero inevitably encounters a moment of initial challenge in which the Kosmos tests the hero’s resolve to go through with the quest.

In this opening scene of Never Cry Wolf (linked above for viewing), Tyler is in a small prop plane far above the Alaskan Wilderness, about to be dropped off alone in the wild for months on end to study Arctic wolves at a time prior to any western knowledge about canis lupus. In mid-air, the plane’s fuel system freezes up, Tyler panics, and begins to wish he were sitting quietly at home in a more familiar, safe world.

Taking up the Call to Adventure and going on the journey, the hero recognizes the very real, visceral experiences of excitement, uncertainty, fear, rescue, and self-discovery… the hero comes alive, finds what he or she was looking for, and at times encounters what can only be described as the sublime.

So before we really get going on the Hero’s Journey of HyperLearning, I would like to remind you of why you are going on this epic, Kosmically significant and expansive journey of discovery in service to higher, wider, deeper abilities in service to your Unique Self Purpose.

With HyperLearning, You Will Quickly Learn:

  • How to remember 3-10 times as much in the same period of time with any materials (print, audio, or video)
  • How to effortlessly, joyfully read 1 or more books A DAY
  • Why HyperLearning and creative self-expression at increasingly higher, wider, and deeper levels of being and knowing are part of the deep fabric of your evolutionary, developmental nature.
  • Tricks and techniques to use your computer to organize a wealth of new information and interests – you don’t want to miss this. These are the techniques that I, David Rainoshek, used to create my 92-Day Juice Feasting Program, integrating thousands of materials: files, ebooks, videos, articles, photos, and interviews
  • How to read and review many times more material with comprehension than even the smartest and wisest people you know
  • How to use your computer to dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to watch any online videos
  • How to get paid more doing  your life’s authentic work
  • How to use top Superfoods and Supplements to enhance a HyperLearning State
  • How to always be on cutting edge of information and ideas in any group or activity
  • How to have more time with your family each day, and over the course of your whole life
  • How to keep your mind and brain younger – and ward off Alzheimer’s disease by growing new brain cells and neural pathways for your whole life
  • To use the strategies of the super-rich and most highly educated to take your understanding far beyond a college or graduate level
  • How to never, ever be bored ever again
  • How to use music and binaural beat technologies to keep your mind focused, open, creative, and active.
  • To cultivate the mind that can create your own income and creatively, passionately, work for yourself
  • How to gracefully, meaningfully let go of objects, ways of being, and relationships that have served you well, but are now holding you and your energy back from further growth, development, capabilities, and joyful self-expression.
  • How to cultivate far more understanding and compassion for the world-as-it-is, while maintaining and growing a more razor sharp mind to change yourself and the world.

With those items in mind as an entrée, let’s now enter the HyperLearning Course proper, starting with how to revive your natural ability and drive to HyperLearn.

See you next in Chapter 1: “Introduction to HyperLearning: How to Revive Your Natural Ability/Drive to HyperLearn!”

Stay Sharp,


David Rainoshek, M.A.

Benefits Preview to HyperLearning

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Benefits Preview to HyperLearning