(Fred Rogers Acceptance Speech: Honoring Those Who Made a Difference)


To my parents, Dennis and Jean Rainoshek, who adopted me at birth and raised me in a significant learning environment with plenty of books, National Geographic Magazines, PBS NOVA, physical activity, sports, encouragement, religious faith, museum classes and trips, good food, and all the love necessary to discover how to serve and love the world uniquely as a lifelong learner. My gratitude is beyond measure.


Teachers and Professors. Thanks to all my teachers – even the bad ones – for helping me discover countless things about myself and the world, including how to both kill and cultivate a deep passion for learning.

To Jane Brownlee, a family friend whose personal library – the mere existence and discussion of it – was enough to help rekindle my interest in learning as much as possible through the course of a lifetime.

To mythologist and professor Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero With A Thousand Faces and interviewee in The Power of Myth PBS series with Bill Moyers. Campbell, your life’s work taught be to transcend my own cultural, religious, and epochal boundaries to think about and incorporate a deeper understanding of other times and peoples who also found being alive to be a meaningful undertaking worth living deeply.

To Ken Wilber, author of A Theory of Everything, A Brief History of Everything (and numerous other books), who through years of dedicated intellectual and contemplative practices has developed an Integral perspective and made it accessible to those less lofty souls who desire nonetheless to understand, appreciate, integrate, and love as much of the living Kosmos as possible. You have helped me develop a boundary-less map that will keep me learning and evolving forever.

To my wife and Soulmate, Katrina, with whom I am able to be free to cultivate a beautiful life beyond all my great longings and creative visions for such a partnership. May we keep visiting inspiring used bookstores, cultivate deep meaning and beauty in life, and engage in incredible relationships with friends together for as long as we draw breath.

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Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek, M.A.