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==> Minutes 1-2: Get a Glass of Water to Drink

Why? Adequate hydration can increase mental performance and HyperLearning states many-fold. In fact, begin drinking 1 quart of water with half a lemon upon waking each morning, first thing. We’ll get back to that – and many more HyperLearning Nutritional Life Practices further into the Course…


==> Minutes 3-5: Ask, “What Do I Want to Learn Most from this Course?” and write it down on paper.

Why? You are priming your subconscious mind to seek out particular content: insights and practices that are uniquely useful to you NOW. Write it on paper: writing is a hands-on experience, and tactile learning is very effective. More importantly, having this list on a sheet of paper will make it easier to encounter again in the future. While I am all about reducing excess paperwork – this is an exercise and list that you would do well to pin up in your home/office.


==> Minutes 6-10: Advance Through This Online Course at the Speed of Less Than One “Screen Page” Per Second, Relaxing Your Vision and NOT Trying to Read, Just Looking

Why? First, your subconscious mind remembers everything. Even a page a second. So your mind is already going to be seeking out the items in that list you just wrote down. Also, this quick preview will familiarize you with the site, the pages, the pictures, and some of the content. Then when you come back to listen to the Audio Course, read, watch videos, and go into more depth, it will feel like you have been there before… and the relaxing effect of feeling familiar will invite your mind into a deeper state of learning – and HyperLearning.


==> Afterwards: Leave the book alone for 5 minutes or a few hours – go do something else.

Let this HyperLearning preview percolate in your mind for a while. Space away from what you are learning about is some of the most important time you invest in making creative and practical use of the material.

Then come back and enjoy the opening sections of the Course!


==> In Order To Participate In This Exercise:

This will only work once, so make sure you are ready! Simply enter your email / username in the box below and hit submit. After submitting your email address (which is also your username for this program) this page will refresh and you will have approximately 15 MINUTES of access to the whole course. After that time your access will reset and the course will roll out at it’s intended pace to help you focus and assimilate every ounce of this program!

Stay Sharp,

David Rainoshek, M.A.

Acceleration Begins Now!

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Acceleration Begins Now